About Us

About Us

About Us

Our History and Heritage

Paddy Cake Bakery’s story is as rich as our flavors! Nestled in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Bloomfield ‘Little Italy’ since 1983, our bakery has become a cherished landmark. For over four decades, we’ve been delighting the region with cakes that are as memorable as they are delicious.

Paddy Cake Bakery began as the dream of its visionary founder, Patrick “Paddy” Connolly. Back in 1983, Pat was not just any baker; he was an accomplished cake decorator, renowned throughout the area for his exquisite craftsmanship. 

Driven by a blend of passion and ambition, Pat decided it was time to begin his own story.  He embarked on an exhaustive search, hunting for just the right spot to plant the seeds of his dream. Fate smiled on him when he stumbled upon a quaint, welcoming bakery at 4763 Liberty Avenue, nestled in the bustling heart of the city.

Liberty Avenue was a battleground of confectionery giants back then, with bakeries dotting the Avenue.  But as years rolled by, one by one, these bakeries dimmed and faded. Through it all, Paddy Cake Bakery stood firm, a testament to Pat’s enduring vision and unparalleled skill. It wasn’t merely about surviving; Paddy Cake became a beacon outshining and outlasting its contemporaries. 

 Our journey took an exciting turn in May 2021, marking a significant milestone as we transitioned into a woman-owned small business under the inspiring leadership of Theresa Richter, a family member with a passion for baking and a vision for the future!  By purchasing the bakery from her “Uncle” Paddy, she not only continued the beloved legacy but also navigated through the unprecedented challenges that small businesses, including ours, faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. This period tested our resilience and adaptability, but also reinforced our commitment to our community. 

Today, Theresa’s influence is evident in every aspect of our bakery!  We’re proud to offer an array of delectable treats, from our beautifully decorated cakes, cookies, and donuts to our exquisite individual pastries, pies, and a host of other irresistible delights. We’re more than just a bakery – we’re a community hub, a place where Theresa’s fresh ideas blend seamlessly with the traditions established by her “Uncle” Paddy.  Our passion for excellence, now infused with Theresa’s innovative touch and incredible skill, shines through with her breathtaking custom-designed cakes. 

Whether it’s for a wedding or any special occasion, our creations are crafted to add magic to your moments, continuing the legacy of Paddy Cake Bakery. 

Beyond its remarkable survival and culinary prowess, Paddy Cake Bakery has grown to become more than just a business; it’s a cornerstone of the community. Its presence on Liberty Avenue goes beyond providing delicious treats; it’s a symbol of resilience and a beacon of local entrepreneurship. The bakery has become a gathering place where memories are made, from children and adults alike marveling at the display cases to pick out a favorite pastry, to couples choosing the perfect wedding cake.

As we look back on over four decades of serving the community, we are filled with immense gratitude and pride. Paddy Cake Bakery has become more than a place for sweet indulgence; it’s a sanctuary where every visit is an experience and every cake a work of art. It stands as a beacon in Bloomfield, a constant reminder that when dreams are nurtured with passion and hard work, they not only endure but flourish!

We invite you to be a part of our ongoing story, to join us in celebrating life’s best moments, and to continue making memories with us. At Paddy Cake Bakery, every day is an opportunity to savor the taste of tradition, the joy of community, and the beauty of handcrafted confections. Welcome to our bakery, where every bite tells a story of heart, heritage, and the unwavering spirit of Pittsburgh!

Owner and Personnel Profiles

Theresa Richter-President/Owner (Center): The unquestioned leader, face, and creative mastermind of Paddy Cake, Theresa can do it all!  Before purchasing the bakery from her “Uncle Pat” in May of 2021, Theresa has worked in some capacity at Paddy Cake since she was a teenager.  Theresa is a highly skilled decorator, baker, and businesswoman! 

Justin Richter-Treasurer (Right):  Justin plays a crucial role in steering the company’s financial direction from behind the scenes.  With a strong foundation in the field of accounting and auditing, backed by over 18 years and counting of professional experience, he manages a wide variety of financial operations.  Holding a BSBA in Accounting from Robert Morris University, Justin ensures the smooth functioning in all financial aspects of the bakery.  

Patrick Connolly-Founder (Left): Pat started the Paddy Cake journey back in 1983.  Pat was able to successfully navigate the significant challenges of running a small business for over three decades, a tremendous feat!  Although now retired, Pat stays involved offering advice, tips, and motivational support.  Thank you for all your hard work Pat!